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Hi! My name is Nicolas Duvernois and i'm the founder and CEO of Duvernois Creative Spirits.

I graduated in 2006 as a student-athlete from University of Montreal in Political Science and became an entrepreneur right after my studies. I had the brilliant idea of opening a restaurant... well, to tell you the truth, I mostly closed it. Thankfully, the restaurant stayed open long enough for me to discover the world of spirits.

I met my wife Karolyne a couple of weeks before opening the restaurant. A couple of days after closing it, we decided to launch Pur Vodka.

I was 25, she was 21. After several months of trying to convince a bank to back our project, we realized that the only option for us to produce our vodka was to self-finance ourselves, with our student jobs only. For the next four years, Karolyne and I worked evenings, nights and overtime to finance everything. I was a janitor in a children’s hospital, she was a waitress.

Leader, innovator and visionary Nicolas is very involved in the community. Best selling author, featured columnist of Journal Les Affaires, co-founder of the non-profit « Adopte inc » extremely popular keynote speaker and Dragon on the hit tv show « Dans l’oeil du Dragon » on Radio-Canada, his many projects are on the rise.

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A different conference for a unique story! The audience will experience all kinds of emotions. From laughter to sadness, from from stress to relief, this conference will leave no one indifferent!Nicolas Duvernois takes us behind the scenes of entrepreneurship the antichamber of success A story of a young man who startedfrom nothing. Nicolas recounts how he rebounded from a disastrous business undertaking and, in just a few years, went from sweeping the floors of a children’s hospital to making the world’s best vodka!Peppered with humour and anecdotes, the first part is dedicated to the story behind the idea behind the idea. The second, take a different lookat the world of business and entrepreneurship. A new perspective from a young entrepeneur of the new Quebec Inc. inc. A definitely and refreshing conference!

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Nicolas' book

nicolas duvernois

Cheers to crazy ideas: the book

Cheers to crazy ideas! This is what Nicolas Duvernois, entrepreneur and Dragon from the popular sho believes. In this new and updated version of his autobiography, he tells everything about his passion for entrepreneurship.The reader won’t find in this book any rules or miracle recipes about managing a business, because Nicolas doesn’t believe in this. But, the book is full of inspiring stories about entreneurs from here and around the world, and advice based on profound convitions and a good measure of realism learned on the spot.


nicolas duvernois

Succeeding in remote work: the book

« With less than a day’s warning, with no preparation and zero expertise, we had to find a way to work on the kitchen aisle, the dining table or on the couch in the living room. »One moment, we’re telling our colleagues everything about our spring break trip. Next thing we know, we’re being thrown into a whirlwind of ZOOM, Teams, Meet, Skype in the kitchen, living room or basement of our coworkers. While doing research, he came up with the idea of this book, so others don’t repeat his mistakes. Discover an essential guide for anyone who wishes to success while working remotely, with tips and tricks from several experts! (in French only)


Nicolas Duvernois

Pur entrepreneur: the book

“Congratulations! You have won the competition!” It was at this moment, thanks to a simple phone call, that I realized that my life would change forever. We had not sold a single bottle of vodka yet and it had just been named the best vodka in the world! What did I do to celebrate the news? I went to wash the floors at the hospital Sainte-Justine, like every night. Even though I had created the best vodka in the world, I didn’t have a penny in my pocket!”Recalling his years of hard work, the author takes a critical look at the business world. Drawing on his experience, he suggests ways to promote access to entrepreneurship in Quebec.


Nicolas Duvernois

Columnist on the blog

Since November 2015, Nicolas shareshis vision of the business world and of the news. His posts are shared by thousands of readers every week!