Born of a need, inspired by heroes and founded by necessity

MAINFORTE’s objective is to protect human beings

Inspired by the thousands who, from the start of the crisis, lent a helping hand across the four corners of the province and acted heroically to help others, the entire Duvernois Creative Spirits team decided to join the fight as of March 18, 2020.
Among these heroes, care attendants, paramedics, nurses, truck drivers, employees of companies offering essential services and priority manufacturers, each of them inspired us in this fight. A necessity today, in times of crisis, as well as tomorrow, after the crisis, MAINFORTE is for them.
MAINFORTE is a symbol of solidarity, cooperation and resilience.
MAINFORTE is our way of taking care of you, protecting your family, protecting human beings.

Mainforte : a hand sanitizer project - by Duvernois Creative Spirits